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“Your partner in numbers – from one entrepreneur to another”

Your partner in numbers – from one entrepreneur to another.


“I’m more than a business coach. I’m a financial coach with solid experience in accounting, bookkeeping, running businesses and the strategies you need to make a business successful.


Throughout my business career I’ve experienced the highs, the lows, the challenges, the stress and the achievements that are the roller coaster ride of business. I personally had cash flow issues and had to hustle to grow my business, and make the money I deserved. Being very clear on my key business numbers early on, I grew my accounting firm to double in size in just a couple of years. Once I became laser-focused on the key metrics, I was able to implement strategies which helped me to focus on exactly what to do each and every day; the exact same strategies I now teach. As a qualified CPA accountant, I truly understand business numbers. I’m passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to understand their numbers too – to make smart, strategic and growth focussed business decisions that result in cash in the bank.”

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