• Business & Finance Success Coaching

  • One-on-One Business coaching with a focus on you & your business goals.


    • Setting your business plan aligned to your goals
    • Understanding your business finances & key numbers
    • Creating your 12-month profit plan
    • Creating systems & efficiencies in your business
    • Growth strategies to create sustainable profit

  • Masterminds

  • Intensive half & full day mastermind sessions to create your successful Business Plan and 12-month Profit Plan.

    • Become clear on your Business Strategy
    • Set actionable 90-day goals to move you towards your business vision
    • Align your team for business success
    • Create your 12-month Profit Plan
    • Fun, engaging days for you & your team

  • Profit 2 Cash Launchpad Program

  • A 12-month program designed to create & live your 12-month Profit Plan with actionable strategies and guidance.

    • Create a profitable business, that returns real cash to you
    • Gain clarity of your “Freedom Number”
    • Guidance & support to reach your big goals
    • Be held accountable to review, reset & realign your business profit goals
    • Surround yourself with a supportive group of likeminded business owners

  • FREE ``Ultimate Profit Calculator``

  • Download the FREE “Ultimate Profit Calculator” & Join my mailing list.

    The Ultimate Profit Calculator will allow you to create a 12 month Profit Plan for your business aligned to your personal goals.

Helping you to understand your business financials and simplify your numbers so you can understand how your business is performing.

Partnering with you to help you understand the finance administration of your business

A clear focus on setting up systems to help you achieve your financial goals, taking away the overwhelm, helping you to clearly understand your numbers, measure your numbers and use this to create success

Money mindset to help you earn what you are worth, clearly understanding how to price and package your services to add amazing value and create a business that generates a fantastic income for you to do amazing things in your life.

Working with you to help you develop and outline a clear business plan, including your business vision & mission, goals, and break them down into simple achievable steps

Working with you to develop your marketing strategies, including offline and online

Helping you to start your business by walking you through the steps you need to take to start your business properly, helping to reduce the overwhelm and stress many new business owners feel when getting started

Helping you to understand your business financials and simplify your numbers so you can understand how your business is performing and keep your finger on the pulse of what is working and what isn't working and how to make adjustments to achieve better results.

Work with me.

“Your partner in numbers – from one entrepreneur to another”

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