I have been pondering lately about my vision, my purpose, my passion, why I’m here on this earth, and what I’m here to share with the world, and from this place I have begun to make some powerful decisions. 

As I have begun to make decisions from that place, decisions that will take me forward into my desired future reality, I’m making decisions from a much more empowered space. 

The decisions I am making from that space are actually going to take me closer to the future vision that I hold for myself.


I want to ask you, how are you making decisions in your life now? 

Are you making them from your current reality? 

Or, are you holding your desires for your future in mind and making them from a position of what’s possible for you?


Often the decisions you start to make from that future vision you hold for yourself, can be decisions that take you to your edge of comfort. 

They can make you feel as if you’re going to leap out into the unknown, a feeling of discomfort for most people.

Even though the hard truth is that not all decisions go to plan, it is often those decisions that you make, that at the time scared you, are the ones that can actually transform your life the most. The ones that will lead you on your path of purpose. 

When I personally reflect on my life, I definitely have made some of those decisions, the ones that made me super uncomfortable, ones that didn’t appear to go to plan, but in reflection have been some of the greatest gifts of my life.


Everything that has happened in our lives are all connected by a decision that we once made. 

Every decision we have made has resulted in a new reality in our lives. 

And each decision that we didn’t make has also resulted in our reality today.

Every decision, good or bad, has resulted in the life you are living today. Will you make different decisions to create the life that you dream of?

I have a podcast episode on how I shaped my life around being very thoughtful about my decisions and how each decision would affect my life. You listen to the episode below:

Phoebe Dray

Hi, I’m Phoebe. and I love business! As a sought-after qualified accountant, I come from a place of experience, with over 15 years of running my own accountancy firm, MGA Accountants, I scaled the business to double the size before successfully selling in 2015. Now I am focusing on what I love, helping Professional and Trade service business owners step up from being the Technician to the true CEO of their business, to create more profit and time freedom to live the life of their dreams.

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