Flexibility – the “f” word, and no, not the four letter one!!!

Flexibility – the “f” word, and no, not the four letter one!!!

Is having “Flexibility” one of the reasons you started your business?

What does “Flexibility” mean to you & how do you create it?

When you first start out in business, you are more than likely the only one doing all of the work, in essence you are wearing all of the business hats!

From being the CEO, the CFO, the Marketing & Sales team to the Technician, you do it all.

So how do you create the desired “Flexibility” in your life, one of the main reasons you started your business in the first place?

When you’re working almost every hour in the day and your business seems to be taking over your life, it is so important to start focusing on how to systemise what you are doing, leverage your time and create the flexibility you desire.

But how do you get started?

I shared this with one of my clients last week, and my tip was to JUST GET STARTED! 

Use simple, easy methods to get started, the more complicated you make this process then the more likely it is that it just won’t get done.

A couple of simple tips to start systemising your business and leverage your time:

  1. Start recording each task you do in your business, use your smart phone or online tools to get started;
  2. Voice record your meetings;
  3.  Have your videos & meetings transcribed by an online service such as rev.com or fiverr.com;
  4. Questions your team frequently asks you are a great place to get started in what first needs to be systemised;
  5. Set up a “Systems & Procedures” folder in an online storage platform such as Google Drive or Dropbox so you can share it with your team; and
  6. Organise all your systems into relevant folders, such as Administration, Work Processes, etc, whatever makes sense to you and your business.

As your business develops and grows you can invest in consultants that can assist you with systemising your business, but I recommend just getting started and the earlier the better.

Have the end goal in mind and imagine that you need to use these systems to train someone who has absolutely no skills in what you are creating. Think about each task as if it were the first time you have ever done something.

If you already have team members have them also follow the same simple process for the daily tasks they do so that all aspects of your business are systemised and documented.

Implement a review process so that your systems are regularly reviewed and any efficiencies and updates can be made to them on a regular basis.

Get your team involved, they will love helping you and the input they can have will be invaluable to help you create an efficient, systemised business.

What systems are you going to focus on and create first? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Dream big and create the life you want to live!

Phoebe Dray

Hi, I’m Phoebe. I love business, especially the Numbers! As a sought-after qualified accountant, I come from a place of experience, with over 15 years of running my own accountancy firm, MGA Accountants, I scaled the business to double the size before successfully selling in 2015. Now I am focussing on what I love, helping female entrepreneurs create business success by understanding their business numbers so they can make smart, savvy business decisions to live the life of their dreams.

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