Are your employees an ASSET or an EXPENSE?

Are your employees an ASSET or an EXPENSE?

Phoebe Dray

By Phoebe Dray CPA

How do YOU view your employees?

Do you view them as a business EXPENSE or an ASSET of your business?

If you view them as an expense, WHY?

Employees’ wages and superannuation are shown on the Profit & Loss Statement as an expense item, however your employees really are an income generating asset for your business!

Why you may ask?

Your team is the key to your business success!!


A winning team is one in which each team member: 

  • Takes ownership for their role,
  • Are committed to your business,
  • Clearly understand how they contribute to the overall success of the business,
  • Help you to generate more profit, and
  • Increase the overall success of your business.

How can you create a winning team?

One that generates income for your business and adds value for your success?

  • Invest in your team,
  • Treat them how you would like to be treated,
  • Provide them with a great place to work,
  • Lead them to success, and
  • Celebrate your WINS with them along the way.

As you build your successful, winning team, each employee creates leverage for you and your business to generate more income and ultimately greater success.

To build your MILLION-DOLLAR empire you will be unable to do it alone, view your team as an asset and they will be on the journey with you.


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Phoebe Dray

Hi, I’m Phoebe Dray, a qualified, award winning accountant. However, I am not your typical accountant, I am passionate & fun and driven to help you succeed in business by far more than crunching numbers & preparing tax. In fact, I am a business finance success coach with solid experience in running businesses, management accounting & cashflow improvement strategies. I understand the strategies needed to make a business successful and I am focused on sharing this knowledge in a simple & easy to understand way so you can implement what you learn and create success.

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